Wetsuits, Rad Lines, and Big Mountain Hunting – A Dave Treadway Interview


It’s been raining lately, which got us thinking about skiing… and puddles… which led to Gaper Day… and mental images of Dave Treadway in his wetsuit. A wetsuit that narrowly escaped being cut open to fix his broken tibia in June. Needing answers, we caught up with the man himself, taught him how to use Skype, and picked his brain about skiing, life, and the upcoming winter in a few short questions.

Doglotion: Dave, how’s life?
Dave Treadway: Great!  My wife, Tessa is sick right now though and tomorrow is our day off.  Hopefully she is good by then so we can go play in the mountains.


Doglotion: No doubt. she’s a tough cookie.  Speaking of cookies, or not, you getting pumped for the ski season?
Dave Treadway: YES!  My brother Daryl is in Venezulia for 2 years of teaching, and no skiing.  But is sending me ski photos of rad peaks he’s been finding on the internet in South America.

Dave Treadway: I didn’t mean to hit enter
Doglotion: No worries i’ll let ya finish your answer. Cough… sausage fingers, ahem. Anyway…

Dave Treadway: As well, my friend Josh from Tofino flew his 4 seater airplane over to Pemberton last week, and we did the most serious recon mission ever, checking out all the zones around here.  We were in the air for over 2 hours, and definetly found some stuff I want to ski this winter that I’ve never seen before.  This area is so sick to ski if you have a good sled or heli to get you there.  I can’t wait to go explore.
Doglotion: hot damn, now you’ve got me stoked too. patience is a virtue

Doglotion: speaking of Daryl, where do you fit into the Treadway clan for those who don’t know?
Dave Treadway: I’m the baby.  Daryl is 5 years older, and Dan is 7 years older.  Hence ‘little air dave’.

Doglotion: Well little or big air, daryl will be without snow for 2 years while you explore those new zones. are we invited along for the ride?
Dave Treadway: For sure.  Just throw down the $$$$ for some heli time and anyone is invited.  One of the tricky things though with skiing some of the bigger things around here, is that you really relie on your ski partner, especially when you don’t have a heli.  It takes a lot of time in the mountains building up a solid trust relationship with someone, that their realy are only a handfull of people that I would ski some of the stuff around here.  You’ve got it Jamie, and with some time, I’d be stoked to get after it with you.
Doglotion: fewf, well I’ll eat my wheaties and spinach, see what we get.

Doglotion: Speaking of spinach, how’s the recovery coming? any chance you can re-live the Gaper Day human-air-gap-to-leg-break epic?
Doglotion: Just a blip on your radar I know, hell you’re already surfing!
Dave Treadway: Ya.  Super fun day with crazy costumes, and good times ripping with tons of friends and new friends.  Last run of my last day of the season, I hit this lame 5 foot drop, landed off balance and fell over.  Nothing too dramatic, but a combo of a twisting motion fall, and old seized up race bindings = spiral fractured tibia.

Doglotion: Gnarly, but you were in pretty good spirits when it went down, and even asked the dr’s to pull off your wetsuit instead of cutting it. Must have been a nice wetsuit? wait, why were you wearing a wetsuit?
Dave Treadway: It is a good wetsuit.  5/4 mm that I used two days ago in Tofino.  Sure glad they didn’t cut it.  Why was I wearing a wetsuit?  Well.  It was my first Gaper Day, and I knew it was going to be cold and rainy.  Figured I’d just dress for the weather.
Doglotion: you nailed it. nice one. wish i had one when i went neck deep into the pond. bye bye cell phone.

Doglotion: But enough about last year, that’s so 2008.09! what’s your big idea for this year? 3 things you definitely want to get done? or are you a go with the flow kinda skier
Dave Treadway: No.  I always have a plan.  I still haven’t skied Currie which is practically as much of a sin for a Pemberton resident as a Whistlerite who hasn’t stepped up to Air Jordan yet.  2.  Plinth Mountain.  3. As my wife and I have just started a youth program for teens called Pemberton Young Life, I really want to take some of the kids skiing on the hill, as well teach them some backcountry knowledge, and go for a ski touring camping trip with them.  4.  Many other peaks and zones around Pembi that I haven’t explored yet.
Doglotion: that sounds awesome.

Doglotion: well i won’t keep you from dreaming up more winter plans, anything else you want to share with the world before winter?
Doglotion: secret family recipes for how to ski like a treadway?
Dave Treadway: "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart!"  Psalm 37:4

Doglotion: I’ll take any delight I can get this winter, going to be a good one.
Dave Treadway: Ya man. 

Doglotion: And before we sign out, any thanks to sponsors or posse?
Dave Treadway: Rossignol, Peak Performance, Oakley, Dakine, Giro, Swany, Redbull, Pemberton Big MT Hunting Club

Doglotion: sweet, thanks for your time Dave, hope this skype thing comes in handy sometime. See you when the snow flies.

Get more on Dave at DaveTreadway.com, but admittedly the site has seen less action than a straight guy in prison. Don’t worry, big updates to the site coming this winter.

Photos by Jordan Manley (plus Dave’s birds eye view recon, and Amy McDermid).


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  1. AndreCharland

    nice scoping! Dave can’t wait to catch up and here about some of these lines your scoping for this winter.

    buddy that leg breaking footage makes me cringe. ouch. now I understang more how you knew it was busted right away!

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