Short Stories Fueled by Cyder


CyderRecently Whistler's mountain community lost a good friend of many, Justin 'Cyder' Hopkins. Always full of life and excitement, he will be missed by us all. Here is a collection of links and photos, and some short stories from Reed Purvis. Feel free to add your stories, comments, and wishes in celebration of Cyder's life.


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A series of short stories fueled by Cyder
Stories by Reed Purvis
Various photos (don'
t necessarily match stories)

"It's sometime in the very early morning. We are in some random person's room at the motel at Crystal Mountain in Washington and have just returned from the annual Dirtbag Ball. We don't know why we are here…our friend Dave Whelan pointed us in the right or wrong direction, depending on how you look at it. Immediately upon entering, a 40+ something lady is hand feeding us orderves. Some middle age hairy dude in his boxers is standing next to her and 3 half naked girls who are much younger are mingling about in the bedroom or somewhere…our collective memory is a bit hazy due to the recent consumption of large amounts of alchoholic beverages. Cyder bolts for the door and I follow."

Cyder & Dave


"It's a windy day but finally in the afternoon the wind has eased off a bit. We are at the calm end of the lake in the shallow reeds taking turns wakeboarding. Cyder is taking it easy, only throwing a few different inverts, due to the semi-chopy water and his aching knee. The water so clear, only a meter and a half deep, the air so warm, for a second it feels as if we could be wakeboarding near a reef in the waters of the carribean. The sun is about to dive below the horizon and its the perfect end to (insert cliche here) the best weekend I had all summer…except for the barbecue afterwards of course."


Reed & Cyder

"It's sometime in the very early morning. We are in the middle of the lake on someone's pontoon boat with around 15 other people and have just arrived from a bender at an empty pool bar that we closed down. The boat is serving as a swimming platform and there are topless girls swimming around the boat…unfortunately the sun hasn't risen yet. The floating party eventually disperses, including the girls, which leads us in separate directions. Without any luck, we try and make our way home…Cyder by boat and I by land. Unable to find my way, I hear the putter of the small outboard on Cyder's dingy circling the lake…apparently searching for me. I finally find the house just as Cyder gives up the search and arrives home…now the sun has risen."


"The Crystal Mtn freeride qualifiers have just finished leaving our friend Sonja without skis after her gnarly crash. Cyder, the team manager of the whistler posse that week, comes rushing in telling her he just got her a sponsor deal with Atomic. The atomic reps had been demoing skis and after a brief encounter with Cyder outside their van in the parking lot, Sonja had new skis. Without ever having met them before, 5 minutes with Cyder later they had just sponsored a new rider."


Almost every time I hung out with Cyder it was a story to be told. His energy and enthusiasm for life were contagious which made him so enjoyable to be around. He was someone that without a doubt you only meet once in your life. As my friend Gareth, who visited Whistler last April for one week, and knew Cyder for just that week, stated: "that kid made my whole week." It's very rare that someone will make such long lasting impressions and friendships with people who have only met him once or a few times. I feel so lucky to have known him for the short time that I did and hopefully I'll see him again in some other place.



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