MSP's In DEEP Whistler Premiere Radness


Anybody in Whistler who new what was good for them this weekend was at the Whistler premiere of MSP’s newest film In Deep. For everyone else… well, there’s always the DVD. 

With 2 packed showings for 2 nights at Millennium Place theatre, some 900 odd people would have seen the flick, and we didn’t see any dissapointed faces. After the flick the after partiers rolled over to Longhorn to keep’er going.

The crowd gathering. P: Holly Walker

Doglotion.com wasn’t going to miss the last chance to see Shane McConkey and Saucer Boy on the bigscreen, and I wasn’t going to miss a chance to pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend, and my hero – with a saucer boy costume complete with boots, blades, and an inner tube (Saucer Boy’s main sport in the off season).

Ian McIntosh and Saucer Boy. P: Holly Walker

Whistler rippers James Heim, Eric Hjorleifson, Mark Abma and Mike D were all there to sign autographs, stoke up the film, and of course bow and clap everytime McConkey was up on screen.

Heimer and Hojo gettin’er done. P: Holly Walker

Sean Pettit was apparently hiding there somewhere, but he sure as hell wasn’t hidden in the film. In Deep opens with an absolutely retarded (good retarded) segment of the 16-year-old Whistlerite killing it with a super unique skiing style, HUGE 3’s off backcountry cliffs, butters off pillows, steep mini-golf, you name it.

And if the future of our sport was the film’s opener, it seemed more than fitting to close it with a sincere tribute to Shane McConkey – the man whos been pioneering our sport for decades, and given’er in MSP films going back to almost the year Pettit was born!

Seeing so many of Shane’s crazy-ass stunts, ideas, and ski inventions flipped on the screen together further reminds you just how huge an impact he had on the ski community and industry. RIP Shane, you will be missed, and you’re welcome to heckle us from above on every Gaper Day for the rest of eternity.

Shadow Puppets Say it All. P: Holly Walker

In between Pettit and Shane? Lots of good shredding to keep you entertained. Whistler boys Mark Abma, James Heim, Hugo Harrison, and Eric Hjorfleifson were blended together into a rad montage of different backcountry zones and some scary looking lines. The segments themselves were sweet, we only wish we could figure out where they were and who each shredder was. New format I guess, good to switch it up. Meanwhile, PK Hunder and Russ Henshaw were going huge, Michelle Parker made her mark, and Colby James West was keeping it super real with his tree-style freestyling.

The only thing we could complain about was the lack of saucer look-alikes. If MSP is coming to your town soon, be there, and be armed with your best Saucer tribute get-up. How could you not? And you might win a pair of skis from it… I did! BAAAM.

Random Video

A super random rough cut of the event, complete with a bit of bootlegging for good measure.


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