Jeremy McClure Interview & Salomon FreeskiTV Video

Articlesinterview caught up with Jeremy McClure, the ski bum whistler shredder from SFTV Episode 4 to find out how it all went down…

Doglotion: Jeremy, how the hell did you end up starring in SFTV Episode 4?
Jeremy: Well I kinda heard they were looking for a ski bum and offered my services because there was possible some free gear involved.

Doglotion: And no true ski bum is going to say no to free gear! keep the dream alive.
Jeremy: In the beginning Mike Douglas was kinda interested but was kind of searching for someone living in their car and bathing in a creek or something.

Doglotion: Until he saw how small your place was?
: Yeah the place, job some and some stories of sheep slaughtering helped.

Doglotion: oh nice, the sheep slaughtering can get you far in this world.
Doglotion: The final result is epic if you ask us, are you stoked on it?
Jeremy: I have to say im stoked about the final product, i think it gives a god impression of how whistler can be.

Doglotion: So that pow and skiing looked DEEP! When the hell was that last year?
Doglotion: And how many days was it shot over?
Jeremy: Ah yes that was a good day. It was like 60 cm deep and blower in the trees. the skiing was amazing but unfortunatly the camera quickly got soaked so the rest is just in our memories.

Doglotion: Were you in any of the waterfall / Air Jordan carnage shots, or the good ones? Or both? plenty entertaining.
Jeremy: Theres a few shots of me in the carnage section, one where i tried a misty 7 on 3rd step and a jordan hit which ended in a violent doughnut roll.
Doglotion: oh ya! thought that was the suit, nice one! Well you were closer to finishing the misty 7 than that backflip guy, that was hilarious

Doglotion: You pumped on this filming thing, going to try it more? Or totally over it?
Jeremy: I liked the filming but it was deffenitly challenging filming in the resort.

Doglotion: What next? Now that you’re on the silverscreen and girls will be stalking you to autograph their boobs, what does this winter have in store?
Jeremy: Well more of doing what i do best. Hitting those fresh tracks looking for some smooth jumps.

Doglotion: And the rumours of weekend warrioring?
Jeremy: Yeah I’m taking some part time courses in the city but there will plenty of time for skiing.

Doglotion: Any dirty secrets about what happens behind the scenes at a SFTV shoot?
: Not really, those guys are super pro. Mike D. provided the vision and direction and the tech stuff was done by Steve Horton.

Doglotion: Right On, well we didn’t see any mics hanging down, or you with a mustache in one shot and not the next, so they must run a tight ship. Any peeps out there you want to thank before we publish this badboy and get even more groupie chicks at your doorstep?
: Well i gotta give a shout out to Ryan Mckeeman (who was the guy who slept on the lower trundle) for getting me into the spot and to all my boys in the EP FREERIDE NATION!

Doglotion: Right on, well thanks for the low down, and good luck with the season. We’ll see ya on the snow, or as the case was on that pow day, way the hell up in the air above the snow. Afterall, can’t hurt yourself in the air eh?


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