Featured Photographer – Alain Denis


Published Fall 2002


alain denis photoName: Alain Denis (Frenchy)

Home ski town: Whistler B.C.

Favourite camera: My Tank! (Nikon F5)

Action or scenery: Both equal, Scenery is nice for it's peacefulness. Action diffinetely good for it's adrenaline

Backcountry pow or slushy park: Pow Pow any day!

East coast or west coast: East coast in the fall, West coast overall

Fruit loops or Coco-puffs: Fruit Loops, better sugar rush


alain denis photo


So Alain, how did you get into photography?

Went to a camera store in Vancouver one day and bought my first SLR, loaded with film and shot away. Went to the library and read some books on how to take Pics. I needed to find some way to make income while traveling and always loved to look at beautiful images in magazines so I thought it would be a great way to make a living from taking photographes and selling them.


alain denis photoYou're big on the rockclimbing photos, is that your main gig or do you have more tricks up your sleeve?

I love Shooting climbers for the exposure. I find it just as exciting to hang a few hundred feet off the ground then climbing, also the warm climate. Tricks come with practice, I just love being behind the camera shooting whatever captures my eye. It`s all about being out there with my friends doing what we love doing,…skiing, climbing, mountainering. I also love working with people, traveling and shooting cultures in their enviroment.


alain denis photo


You were just in South East Asia, did you get trigger happy with the camera or what?

That was my second trip to Asia. First time I wasn't into photography so this time I made sure I wouldn't miss a thing so I did shoot lots.



alain denis photoWhat do you plan on catching on film this season? Plans?

Shoot Shoot Shoot, burn lots of film. Go on some crazy missions and adventures with my friends and have fun. After the winter season I hope to travel to Australia to shoot some climbing. Not so much in terms of plans, just go with the flow and keep the camera around my neck! Never know where I could end up. Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific or on top of a mountain… It`s all good!


alain denis photoAny interest in video work, or ar you all about capturing the still?

Only wish I could afford buying one, but for now I'll stick with SLR.


What do you think of the digi-cam craze these days?


alain denis photo


If you had a spy camera the size of a dime, where's the first place you'd put it?

Its a spy camera… won`t tell you! Maybe in my pocket so I don`t loose it.



alain denis photoSpecial thanks?

Thanks to all my friends that put up with me in modelling when I need them. Also to Coast Mountain Photography in Whislter B.C. for introducing me to the world of photography. And Dave Humphreys who showed me an SLR camera for the first time… Thanks Dave!


alain denis photo alain denis photo


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