Chicks Who Rip Interview with Sarah Frood


Name: Sarah Frood
Hometown: Aylmer, Quebec originally, now Squamish, BC
Age: 26
Years skiing: 23, wow that’s a lot!

Dinner roll or dynamite roll?
DYNAMITE ROLL with a big chunk of ginger, a cup of green tea and a beer.

Blackcomb or Whis?
Blackcomb or as my cell predictive text calls it: blackbonna, isn’t that weird?

Does your off season consists of
a) squats
b) shot gunning beers
c) shredding the gnar or
d) some of the above?

Some of the above… minus the squats…. sub in biking, ultimate and working to save up for ski season.

The last question was brought to you by the letter s, what’s your favorite letter?
I’m going to go with P for powder, pillows, powder and puppies

Why do you ski?
That’s pretty simple, it’s just fun. I love trying to get better and better at it, whether it’s learning more about the backcountry or skiing more technical lines.

Best comp result from last year?
2nd at Lake Louise Big Mountain Challenge. It was my only comp last year because I was working a full time desk job.

Goals for this season?
Ski every day! Last year was my first season in Whistler so the coverage this year makes it like a whole new mountain again….so exciting.

Why do you like comps?
It’s a great way to meet some amazing people who love skiing. I hate the nerves I get at the top of my run, but I love the challenge and I’m always really excited at the end of the run. I usually want to go back to the top and go faster and bigger.

Any travel plans this season?
I’m in Europe right now!. I’ve been saving my pennies and I’m excited to discover the skiing here. The terrain is incredible and we’ve been really lucky with snow. I’ll also be travelling around BC for some comps and just finished coaching a weekend at Girls Day Out at Kicking Horse (

Would you rather have a magnetic head or never be able to sit down?
Okay… I’ve thought about this question alot. I think I’d pick never be able to sit, because at least you can lie down. Ya…so much better than a magnetic head.

Tell us about the rad boob club?
The name says it all, we’re just a group of friends who have boobs and like to ski together. It started as a joke rivalry against the Rad Dude Club and grew from there. We put together a calendar this year to raise money for Rethink Breast Cancer. We’ve raised almost $9000 and still counting. Breast cancer affects so many women in this world and we’re excited to use our skills to contribute to a great cause. You can learn more about Rethink here:

Where can I buy a calendar?
Online at or directly from one of us friendly female freeskiers (brought to you by the letter F). We also have them in stores throughout Whistler: Surefoot, Comor, Snowcovers, Helly Hansen, McCoos, Escape Route and the Zephyr in Squamish. Also look out for them in Nelson, Golden, Fernie and Revelstoke.

What colour is your helicopter?
My toy helicopter? It would be rainbow bright styles. I used to live in a rainbow coloured trailor… so a heli is the obvious next step.

Any last words or wisdom or encouragement for shredders of the female variety?
Be kind, have fun and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Any one you’d like to thank?
Thank you to Rossignol and Smith. Thank you to Doglotion, Surefoot and Faction for all of their support for the calendar ( and I hope to see you all on the snow!


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