Chicks Who Rip Interview with Nadia Samer


Is it just our imagination, or are chicks who rip on skis coming out of the wood work these days? They’re everywhere, and it’s awesome! More girls at Big Mountain freeskiing competitions, a few girls-only movies coming out, and we keep overhearing quotes like, "Dude, that was a chick!". 

So is on a mission to stalk and interview as many of these girls as we can, you know, because someone has to do it. And hence the "Chicks Who Rip" Interview column on is born.

Kicking off round 1 with Whistler big mountain skier and sledder Nadia Samer… afterall with a Facebook status like this, we had to find out more:  "Nadia Samer just drove her handlebars into her dash with her face, anyone know how to get blood out of outerwear?"

Nadia Samer Interview

Doglotion: So Nadia, how’s winter been treating you so far?
Nadia: We’ve been lucky here at Whistler with a giant head start as far as snow’s concerned, I’ve never seen this much snow in November, let alone any given month in the past year or so. It’s been great for getting up and getting some early season turns, getting the ski legs going. I’ve managed to "scare" myself and cheat mother nature a few times already, hope that over with though.

Doglotion: Ya pretty amazing eh? How’d you dupe Mother Nature? I heard whispers of inbounds avalanches?
Nadia: Yeah, I had a run in with an inbounds avy in Sapphire Chutes, I went up for some casual laps one afternoon and 2 turns in I got ripped out and down the hill. As for yesterday, it’s I was surprised to see how many crevasses had opened up over the summer on the Ice Cap… and one of them got a little too close for comfort.

Grant Gunderson Photo

Doglotion: Yikes, that’s early season for ya. Whatever doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger they say. Backing up a bit, where you from before Whistler, and what kinda skiing is your main gig?
Nadia:  Well, I was born in Campbell River but have been skiing here at "Blackcomb" since I could walk. I started off chasing my dad around, before long I was chasing gates, which I did up until I was 18. I then got invited to train with the newly formed Canadian Ski-Cross team and raced pro circuit for 2 years, and managed to sneak in a few Big Mountain comps here and there. I now focus primarily on Big Mountain and Snowmobiling.

Doglotion:  Wicked. Looks like you still dabble in ski cross though eh? Or has big mtn and sledding stolen you for good?
Nadia:  I still have plans to do the odd Ski-Cross here and there, but I had to make a choice last season between Ski-Cross and Big Mountain. There isn’t enough time to do both at the same time, a lot of the competition schedules conflict. I found myself driving 60,000km a winter and running competition to competition without break. This winter I’m stoked to just be filming, shooting photos, maybe the a comp here and there.

Doglotion: Ya sounds like a good plan. Shooting for anything in particular?
Nadia: I’m filming for an all female sled movie, called "Our Time is Now", it’ll be ready for release next fall. Additionally I’m working on a few other ski projects, most of which are under wraps, but stay tuned!

Julie Weinberger Photo

Doglotion: Awesome, congrats, we’ll keep an eye out.  Who do you mainly shred with, girls, guys, both? Anything quirky about being a chick who rips?
Nadia: Funny you should mention that. About the same time I started racing Ski-Cross I had 5+ male room-mates who were all into Big Mountain, we called it the "Man pack". I spent a few winters chasing them around. I guess you can say I’ve got a competitive streak in me and it really helped to push me. For example, I came home from the Aspen comp after being on the road for 2 months when I was 19 and found out that one of my buddies had hit "Air Jordan" the previous day. So, of COURSE, you know what I did the next day (before driving out to Canadian Ski-Cross Nationals).

As for ladies, I’ve been quite lucky in meeting some of the raddest chicks around at competitions, and find that the male to female ratio is improving each season!

Doglotion: Sweet action, busy. Ya it seems like there’s lots of ripping chicks on the hill these days.

Doglotion: A couple quickies.. Whistler or Blackcomb?
Nadia: Blackcomb born and raised!

Doglotion: Sled skiing or just givin’er on a sled?
Nadia: Seems like more BRAAAAPING these days, anything you can jump off on skis you can hit on a sled.

Doglotion: French fries or salad?
Nadia: I make a wicked Caesar salad, homemade croutons and everything.

Jameson Florence Photo

Doglotion: Any friends, family or sponsors to thank for helping out?
Nadia: Of course, I’d like to thank my dad putting up with my antics. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken years off his life. As for Sponsors, I’d like to thank Atomic Skis for the past 9 years of support, The North Face, Giro, Reusch, HMK Snowmobiling, FOX Racing SHOX, RSI Racing, Bulldog Decks, Slydog Sled Skis, Cheetah Factory Racing, and Outdoor Technology. I’d also like to thank Tim, Ray, Browner, and Jameson for being there during the steep learning curve for hucking sleds. Also big thank you to all the coaches I’ve had over the years, and my past room-mates/current shred buddies. I couldn’t ask for better friends to ride with.

Doglotion: And last question but not least, will we see you at Gaper Day 2010?!
Nadia: Absolutely, I’m already practicing my spraffys and twister-twister spreads! It’s the highlight of my winter for sure!

To keep up with Nadia’s antics, visit her blog at And to end, here’s a couple short video clips to bring it all to life…


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