Buy Shames Mountain for $500… Or $1.5 Million


Shames Mountain, the ‘little ski area that rocks’, tucked away near Terrace and Prince Rupert, BC, is up for sale. The asking price? A cool $1.5 million.

Yep, that’s right, for the price of a small house in Whistler, you could buy Shames Mountain Ski Resort. Tempting isn’t it? 

But if you don’t have that much coin in the bank, and you don’t want to see one of the coolest ski areas on the planet go belly up, some members of the international ski community have an idea you can get in on – the Shames Mountain Co-Op. Jamie Schectman and Shanie Matthews have formed the Shames Mountain Co-Op concept in an effort to rally a large group of shareholders (aka skiers) to purchase, own and operate Shames Mountain. Owned and operated by skiers for skiers. For example, you could buy shares at say $500/share, and claim your piece of the ski resort, and have a say in it’s future. 

The finer details of it seem to still be in the works, including whether or not it will be a Co-op at all, but atleast it’s helping get people’s attention. They’re encouraging anyone keen on the idea to sign up on the Message Board.  

Will it work?  Does it make sense? We don’t really have a clue, but it’s cool to see someone trying anyway. Rumour has it the last time the resort went up for sale, Japanese investors wanted to buy it to run private race camps. Whether that’s true or not, we don’t want anything like that going down, nor do the current owners.

Shames Mountain is an amazing place, and a HUGE asset to the local Terrace and Prince Rupert communities. Funny, it almost gets you thinking that with all the government funds and organization that go into community centres and the likes, why not local ski hills? Hmmm.

On that note, here’s some  Shames Mountain nuggets to chew on. And if you haven’t been there yet, get there, now, while it’s still around! 

Shames Mountain Links & Info

Past Shames Mountain Trips

Can you tell we dig this place? Lets hope whoever buys it knows what they’re doing.


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  1. Jimbo_Venture

    I can see a full investigation is what is needed. Nothing like first hand review of the backcountry. Perhaps a select comittee should be convened and dispatched to Shames… March perhaps?

  2. forbiddenfruitfarmer

    I would agree that goggle tans are a mark of pride.  I was nicknamed red beard because my tans would supersede my beard or stubble most of the year. I remember coming back from south america with a nice dark, chocolate goggle tan and being scolded by my now ex-gf.  She was an avid skier and despises goggle tans?  Didn’t sound like a keeper.  

    Google tans are prestige, a reflection of passion, and a characteristic of devotion.  When you see one, consider the effort to obtain it.  Was it carving out Blackcomb in late may?  Tahoe for Christmas?  Maybe but probably a result of the two and weekly adventures to local resorts.  

    Earn your goggle tans.

  3. kat-rina

    Shames as it is, is a great place even if it is a really small mountain right now. The nice thing about Shames is that we could get a foot of powder in no time and then there are fresh lines all day for people, In Bounds! Which I think is pretty nice if said person doesn’t want to hike… Then we have other little places that a lot of people hike to, "The V", "The Rock" and other places like that  that only takes so long to get to and it’s not far from the In Bounds area.

    Shames is so important to so many people around this area. To see it close down would be the worst day ever. I practically live up there in the winter time. While I was in school I dedicated my entire weekends, x-mas holiday and spring break to shames. Every Spring break I would come back to school with the craziest Goggle Tan in the school for a girl. My mom, teachers, friends, co-workers would ask me why I let it happen and if I care what people think. I just told them that I didn’t care if I got a goggle tan and looked like a raccoon for awhile there, it’s the price you pay for something you love to do. I wore it with pride everywhere I went. No matter how tacky it may be to others… haha. Oh Goggle Tans, nothing better than a good goggle tan. It would have been pretty rad if I still had a little goggle tan for my prom… My mom would have killed me but oh well. So you see, being up at shames and working there and teaching others my passion is a huge part of my life. It’s helped me become the person I am today. I’m more relaxed and chill about things, I started to take a better look at life and things in general. I have learned so much working at Shames that I hope the future ski bums will be able to get that opportunity to learn and grow and do what they love to do. I’m so stoked that I get to be a part of something so amazing up here and I hope others will get the chance too as well. I hope that one day when I’m way way way older and have kids, that I’ll be able to bring them up there and teach them to ski, and then snowboard if they want to do that. 

    I hope this Co-Op Idea works out for the best and helps Shames a lot. It needs it so bad and I hope to see it running for the next… i dunno… forever?? Can I say forever?… why not. 



  4. J Dogg

    the backcountry is what it’s all about. the hill itself is fun if it pukes, but after that the short access backcountry is definitely the goods. lots of good aspects, and lots of steep stuff. everyone in the lift line has a touring set up. well almost everyone.

    a friend calls it home and thinks it’s hilarious how much attention her little town and resort is getting right now. But hey it’s gonna need it to survive.

  5. forbiddenfruitfarmer

    So Shames has a lot of room for expansion?  This is interesting.  What level of buy in do you think will give lifetime family lift tickets?  My friends bought into Crystal Mountain in Washington and now have some pretty glitzy benefits.  I would love to see this place develop and grow in a ski centric way.  I think the co-op idea is smart and will put this resort in a great place.  I wonder if it would be smart to dump some Apple stock once it hits $200/share and buy some Shames Mountain Co-op.

    Who calls this mountain home?  What is the back country access like? 

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