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moss patterson


A peak into the mind of interior BC ripper Moss Patterson.

Photos by Mike Eadington


Doglotion.com correspondent Leif Zapf-Gilje was sent on a mission to pick Moss Patterson's brain; here's what makes Moss tick…



Name: Moss Patterson

Age: 23

Grew up skiing: White Water

Currently reside: Whistler

Sponsors: Dynastar, Look/Lange, Scott USA, Whistler/Blackcomb, Comor Sports, RGB

Candy bar: anything with peanut butter

drinking bar: Mike's Place Pub (Nelson)

Whistler secret spot: Nordic Bluffs are pretty chill.




Heli/ Sled or Own Power:

Own power. It always feels better going out with a crew of guys and powering up to a stash of lines. I like the extra challenge of having to climb first and be a little more tired and maybe exposed for the descent.


How do you get amped for a contest or challenging line?

Shake the jitters, stomp my feet and sing a song.


What song? A song I made up for myself.


mossWanna give us a few lines?

Woke up this mornin' and I got to my feet. That's when I realized I needed somethin' to eat. So I went to the kitchen to see what I could find. Ragin' through the cupboards nothin' but hunger on my mind. All I gotz is Coffee and that won't fill the gap. Gonna have to make my way to town. Better see where the weathers at. Take a good look out the window Hopin' for a bright sunshiny day But the rain's coming down from all around and the skies are cloudy gray. So I make myself some coffee. It's gotta be OSO dark and strong cause lord knows I need something to help this day along. Oh rainy day with your skies so gray bringin' me down with mighty dismay. If I had my way You'd be headed right back…


Skiings direction:

Big Mountain Freestyle. Doing technical terrain park style tricks in natural Big Mountain terrain. It's the ultimate venue for freedom and expression.


What are you working on right now?

Fakie to forward corked 540's off of cornices and cliffs.


mossStupidest injury:

Savage Beagle Night Club, 20 stairs, top to bottom swan dive into a wall. Knocked out for 2 minutes. Compressed my neck, dislocated 3 ribs, and smashed my patella on my left knee into 4 pieces. Special thanks to Jagermeister.


Off season training: Cliff jumping, Skateboarding


Favorite magazine: Powder is the bible but Skier is the top dog.


Song you'd choose to have playing for one of your comp runs:

The Smalls "dundidledundada"

The old 3 wishes scenario:

1-the healing power of Wolverine, 2-tail of a monkey, 3-It's too graphic for Doglotion.com


For Breakfast: I can't eat in the morning.


Worst Nightmare: rag dolling through exposure

You're a nutty hucker yet afraid of heights, how does that work?

It's totally different. As soon as I put my skis on everything changes. I know my limits and my confidence is way higher.





I'd like to thank my family and friends back home for being super supportive and for keeping me in check. Doug Lepage for showin me the ropes, and sponsors for believing in me through the years.




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