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We first heard the name Stan Rey on a bluebird pow day on Blackcomb. Some dude in a blue suit had just stomped a huge laid out backflip off the infamous Dominator cliff. People were asking around who it was, but when all the usual suspects had an alibi elsewhere, someone finally said “I think it was Stan Rey. Some racer kid.” It was indeed, and funnily enough, years and years later, that same stunt also landed him in the Sherpas Cinema Limelight. Watch the behind the scenes clip below, and then sink your teeth into our interview with Stan. (Main image credit: screen poach from Enemy Lines video).

Name: Stan Rey
Age: 25
Sponsors: Salomon, Smith Optics, Dissent Labs, Whistler Blackcomb
Sled or Heli: Heli
Slackcountry or Park: Slackcounrty
French Fries or French Women:  French fries are pretty tasty.

So Stan, take us back a bit here. You used to be some kind of a racer eh? Remind us where your race career took you?
STAN: Well it all started  when I was 9 racing with the Blackcomb Ski Club. Then switched to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club at  the age of 11 to 18 and where I made it onto the BC Ski Team. I spent two years on the provincial team and then switched over to ski cross. I spent my first year racing North American Cups, where I had great success and won the overall title  which landed me a spot on the Canadian National Team. I was on the team for two years until I decided to hang up the race skis and bring out the pow sticks.

And the real question, how the hell did you learn to ski the way you do? Is it all an awesome bonus of lots of years racing? Do they do huge back flips in ski cross when I’m not looking?
STAN: Ha. Ski racing definitely gave me a great platform to work off, it teaches you the basics and makes you a strong skier technically. I always liked to be in the air so skiing down from the training course few friends and I would always hit this jump run where I learned my back flips and 3s. They started off small and got bigger with time.

And then at some point in, what, 2011, you said ‘screw racing I like pow better? Or something like that?
STAN: Ya something like that. I hung them up spring 2011. I was still having fun racing but just liked shredding pow more and felt like I had more talent in that domain.

Guess your racing background came in handy when you won the first Monster Enemy Lines (Chinese Downhill) event? I mean winning a legit Chinese Downhill is pretty much every skier’s dream since Hot Dog. Were you stoked or what?
STAN: Ya I was super stoked. It’s a really sick event and would of been insane from the top of the headwall! They are having it again April 4-5 so hoping to try and defend my title!

Seems like your post racing life has been pretty epic so far. Salomon Freeski antics, Sherpas Cinema action, and more. What’s been the highlight?
STAN:I feel super honoured and fortunate that I was able to get in with the Sherpas, they have some of the most creative and mind blowing work and it was definitely an amazing experience! The highlight has to be going to Japan with Salomon Freeski TV. I had such a fun time with the crew and we got it so good over there. I had three of the deepest most blower pow days I have ever skied so it takes the cake.

You recently got the last minute call to escape one of Whistler’s driest and lamest ski seasons to go neck deep pow skiing in Japan. How did it feel when everyone hated you upon return? I mean um, how was your trip?
STAN: It was truly a trip of a life time! Our first week in Japan we didn’t see the sun. It was just relentless dumping 24/7! It made for some of the best pow skiing of my life. It was pretty awesome to share this with new friends and a great crew, we had a blast! I definitely made a few of my friends hate back home me as I was sending them pictures of us getting fully white roomed, while they were playing  an excessive amount of pond hockey.

Fresh off the press, your lady friend Kelsey Serwa just won a frickin Silver Medal at the Winter Olympics in Ski Cross, your former discipline! Are you super proud or secretly jealous?
STAN: I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t secretly a little jealous but I am so proud of her. I don’t think I have ever been so happy for someone in my life, it still feels surreal! I’m not going to lie I shed a few tears of joy when it all sunk in.

Do you get credit for being a supportive boyfriend with training tips and back massages? Or are you going to have to step up your game now that she’s famous and has tonnes of creepy Russian guys chasing her?
STAN: I did get a little credit . She even gave me a shout out on National Television to make sure those Russian guys would stay away. Makes me feel pretty special. Ha.

Flashback to BC, it finally snowed, alot. So maybe now your friends who weren’t in Japan don’t hate you anymore. But then it looks like you slayed it again with SFTV? Any photo proof? What’s been going down, and when do we get to see it on video?
STAN: I was so excited when we finally got some snow on the West Coast and even more stoked when Salomon Freeski TV asked me if I wanted to shoot with them again. I guess they were able to look passed my many failed hand drags from Japan and decided to give me another chance. We spent a week or so shooting in the backcountry staying on safer slopes due to the high avy danger. Some pretty crazy stunts went down as this was the first big storm of the year and we were all fired up. I am not too sure when this episode will drop but to be safe I will say it’s coming out sometime in future. Check out @chrisrubens, @codytownsend, @markabma and @stanrey7 on Instagram for photo proof!

What’s left in your bag of tricks for winter 2014?
STAN: Well, first I am going to celebrate Keslsey’s and Marriell’s Silver and Gold medal performances from the Olympics, which should be a blast. Then the  first week of March Im headed to Revy for a few weeks to take part in the Revy Shootout with Ruben Krabbe and then stay and film a bit with Jamie Tanner and Ryan Sullivan. The first week of April I have planned on going to Fernie to try and defend my Monster Energy Enemy lines title. Other then that I plan on shredding as much as I can, while we still have some snow.

See the previous fruits of Tanner/Sullivan/Rey’s labours below…

Are you just riding a happy freeskiing rollercoaster right now or do you have some actual goals you’re trying to accomplish?
STAN: I am pretty happy on this freeskiing roller coaster but definitely have a few goals I want to accomplish. I was super fortunate to check Japan off my bucket list this year but still have Alaska on that list. I really want to get up there and test my skills on some of the sickest mountains.  My main goal though is to go out their day after day and have fun.  In the end that is the reason why we get out of bed early to get those first few fresh laps. I got into skiing for the fun of it and plan to keep that going until I physically cant anymore.

How bout deep thoughts or words of wisdom for up’n coming grom skiers?
STAN: I should be trying to get some words of wisdom from them. I went and checked out the GoPro Junior Freeski Comp in Whistler a few weeks ago and man can those kids shred.
“When in doubt, air it out”.

Shout outs?
I would like to thank all my friends, family, coaches, sponsors: Salomon, Smith Optics, Dissent Labs and Whistler Blackcomb for all the support through out my ski career, its been a blast thus far and hope to keep it that way! Nik Zoricic thanks for looking down on us and keeping us safe, I miss you buddy.  Oh ya and my super champion girl friend Kelsey Serwa on her fresh Olympic Silver medal. What a beauty!


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