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Skiing Pow at Silverton in September!


The crew at Silverton Mountain, Colorado are always pretty good at making people jealous when the snow arrives early. This year is no different.

A big snow storm rolled through, so some lucky patrollers jumped on the chairlift today. In their words “The first ski turns of the Colorado 2014/15 ski season were made on a fresh blanket of snow covering Colorado’s highest elevation ski area. Smiles were huge, and the fun factor off the charts after the winter storm at Silverton Mountain, Colorado loaded up the mountain with snow!”

Ironically their season doesn’t officially kick off until Dec 20, 2013, but if the snow keeps up at this pace that date could be pushed up.

Little Fact of the Day… Silverton Mountain is the highest ski area in North America with a peak of 13,487’.

Photos Courtesy of Silverton Mountain. Taken this morning!

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