Salomon QST 106 – Instagram’s Hottest Red Rocket

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…or maybe it’s Orange. But that doesn’t flow as well.

One thing’s for sure though. It’s the ski that’s been consistently blowing up Instagram over the last year thanks to usual suspects like Stan Rey and the whole Salomon “MTN Collective” with their gratuitous #justhetip shots.

Ok. I’ve made my point. Is this a callout on the “MTN Collective” that’s coincidentally taken over our little town of Whistler this past week with their athlete summit? Maybe. But you guys know it’s all love from us here at Doglotion 😉

In fact, this is actually a gear review.

I’ve had the chance to join in on the fun this past month with my own pair of QST 106 skis. Hell, I almost feel like I’m a part of this MTN Collective myself! I ran into Anthony Bonello on the stairmaster the other day and asked if I could join the MTN Collective. He told me I just had to “hashtag more bro.” Crossing my fingers for my big break.

The skis are fun. They’re very stable at speed, pivot incredibly easily when needed without feeling like they’re flying all over the place, the fat rocker supplies plenty of floatation utility, and the skis carve up a groomer surprisingly well. As well, they will take you from one point on a mountain to another in a sufficiently safe manner.

About to go from Point A to Point B. Pat Valade Photo

That’s my opinion on these skis summed up in one quick sentence. For a more convoluted and detail orientated blurb on the skis for you gear nerds out there (no hate, I am one too), see below.

Fancy Marketing Jargon

Boy oh boy, this is my favourite part of any gear review. Being a marketing major myself, I always find it amazing some of the names that are brewed up to both inform and confuse the consumer about the details of a product.

  • Spaceframe 3.0 FR: Last year, I reviewed the Salomon MTN Explore 95 which had “Spaceframe 2.0” technology. Those skis blasted me off into space and dimensions I had never before experienced. Wait maybe that was the psychedlics (sarcasm, for those who take what I say seriously ever for some reason). Nonetheless, let me tell you this: Spaceframe 3.0 not only kept me flying through space and time at a constant rate as quantified by some scientist at some point in history (Like I said, I’m a marketing major. Don’t ask me about physics or why I can never get first tracks in DOA), but it also made me a better skier. 
  • Pulse Pad: “A layer of rubber all along the edges and in critical zones of the ski for smoother ride & improved ski-snow contact.” CRITICAL. ZONES. 
  • Koroyd Tail: More Float, Less Flop. Super light honeycomb/Koroyd Tail insert, reinforced with ABS. Less weight at the extremties with increased dampening from Koroyd dramatically increases maneuverability and ease of steering on rockered skis.” Okay, tongue and cheek joking aside, this is actually something I noticed. For how light these skis are, they feel incredibly damp! No carbon chatter whatsoever. This is the real deal. Nice job Salomon.
It's hard to deny that these are nice looking skis. Pat Valade Photo

It’s hard to deny that these are nice looking skis. Pat Valade Photo


Wait, how do you even review a ski touring for its skinning ability other than discussing how heavy or light it is? I dunno. These skis are middle of the range in weight in the grand scheme of touring orientated skis (1950g @ 188cm, the dimension I am using). They kick turn quite easily as compared to a heavy duty long ski but not as well as a skimo ski. The rocker makes it quite enjoyable to break trail. That’s all I’ve got to say about the uphill capabilities really.

Here I am going up to zee top of the montagnes. Pat Valade Photo

Here I am going up to zee top of the montagnes. Pat Valade Photo


  • As mentioned previously, the skis are quite enjoyable on the downhill indeed. With a turning radius of 20m, these skis are super agile and can turn on a dime. That may be because I’m used to skiing skis with a 35m turning radius though. Whoops.
  • In terms of stability, I was pleasantly surprised considering these are fairly light skis in the grand scheme of things. There is really hardly any chatter whatsoever at high speeds both on groomers and in chopped up snow. This is pretty awesome considering skis with carbon in them can often be high on the chatter factor.
  • The other day I took these skis out into shark territory. For those familiar, poop chutes territory in mid-December is a great way to test base durability of a ski, especially with how light recent snow has been. Throughout this day, I probably hit about 6 snow sharks lurking beneath the surface and when I assessed the skis at the end of the day none of the scratches actually penetrated the base. They were just surface scratches so that was great to see.

Final Notes

If you’re looking for a ski that you can truly use in both the resort and for long days of touring, I would put this ski in the high tier of ones to consider. It performs surprisingly well on hard pack conditions yet tours quite nicely due to its moderate weight.

Furthermore, as noted in the beginning, these skis can crank up your Instagram credibility by a few notches so there is that as well!




The Breakdown

Uphill Performance (for its category)
Stability in chopped up snow
Stability on groomers
Social Media Credibility

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