Introducing Blown Out Magazine


You keep hearing it over and over. Print media is back! People everywhere are going wild over how lucrative print has become with the onset of new technologies.

We here at want a piece of the action, because timing is everything right? But being the media barons that we are, we need to do this right, leveraging the skills we’ve gained while building this #OnlineEmpire. Basically we’re gonna crowd-source the shit out of this new venture.

We’ll preview the covers of some of the new mags we’re working on. Your job is to help us figure out which ones you’d throw down some hard-earned cash for. On our end, we’ll apply our very own proprietary, in-house, custom analytics and other web 3.0-level tools to come to a decision. By next season we’ll be ready to launch our new print magazine(s), sure thing. Synergy, dude.

So here we go. Here’s the first taste of what we’ve cooked up for y’all. Everyone knows a sub-culture isn’t legit until it’s got its own mag, so we start out by giving some love to that special breed of mountain folk we all know and love, the one who’s always first to reply on your social media posts with that simple question, “Where’s that?”



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