G3 Empire 115 Ski Reivew – Doglotion Edition

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The crew at was lucky enough to score a fleet of custom graphic skis from our friends at G3 Genuine Guide Gear. Namely, the kick ass big mountain pow slaying G3 Empire 115s, switched up with a black galaxy graphic and subtle watermarks of Gapers throughout. Now with a solid amount of days on their G3 rides, we reached out and asked the crew what they thought. Doglotion regular claims best review since sliced bread (see below), then we followed up with a few notes from our other homies. Enjoy.

The New & Improved Aunt Viv

How Can I talk about a ski at a time like this? The legendary James Avery, Fresh Prince’s Uncle Phil, has passed away. I’m going through the motions just as everyone else is and will dedicate this ski review to his life.

James Avery was the man we all loved to fear, and aimed to become. But as charasmatic, charming and financially secure as Uncle Phil was, he’s still needed a good woman underneath him. Great curves and intimidating eyes, mixed with an alluring smile made Aunt Vivian the show’s much needed powerful, intelligent, and assertive female. Hillary couldn’t measure up. I think of Aunt Viv as the Armada JJ or S7 of Bel Air. She can go anywhere and be comfortable.

And no one will ever forget when a few years later Aunt Viv got replaced. A snappy fresh and slightly lighter Aunt took over. This is the G3 Empire 115. She used what was already a success and just gave it a few important tweaks to make it a new favorite.

Credit goes to the JJ and the S7 for creating the shape of the slarvey 115mm(ish) fat ski category. G3’s ski ads a flatter tail, lighter weight and stiffer flex to the popular category.

Every time I step into my G3 Empire 115 Doglotion Edition ski, I’ll think of James Avery. One fatty to another.

R.I.P. it up.

-Crease Mansbridge

Other Skier Thoughts

Killer ski. I’m stoked. Glad I bought 2 pairs!

– Bob Kitchen, pro skier turned carpenter dude

Really fun ski. Handles well in all conditions including hardpack and stays stable at speed.  Also super good in powder of course.  It’s a little stiff in the tail and nose, which is why it skis well in variable snow and at speed, but makes it less agile for butters and ollies off the tail.  All in all a great Whistler ski.

-Blair Fontana, pro skier turned lawyer

Fun shape and easy to ski. Turns on a dime. Great balance of weight to performance. So easy it skis it’s self.

-Andre Charland, international man of mystery

I use the G3 Empire 115 ski as my freeride touring ski with a Dynafit Radical FT 12, and this year I’m on the Mercury boot. Any modern ski will shred well in pow, the difference for me with the G3 Empire 115 ski is that it does so well in variable conditions. You’re not always shredding pow to valley bottom, and these things are super maneuverable when you’re alder bashing, in tight trees, crust, wind slab, or chunder. Dramatically better than my big charging resort skis! I’ve been in some pretty scary conditions where the versatility of thisski has made all the difference.

-Matt Cote, Golden BC based shred dog

They are super fun, too bad that the custom graphic only came in 185cm. It was just a bit too long for me. In the steep and gnarly tips would cross; tomahawks and yard-sales soon followed. 😉 They did have a chance to go places though.  I’ll trade someone for a 175!

-Chera Barrowman, Doglotion contest winner


Stock Ski Specs

For everyone who didn’t score a Doglotion version of the Empire 115, rest assured it’s the same ski just with a darker graphic. Here’s some more details.

Lengths: 175 / 180 / 185 / 190
Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 145 / 115 / 126
Weight (single): 2.0 kg / 4.5 lb
Series: Big Mountain / Powder
Construction: PowerRide
Camber: SweetRise 2 (Full rocker)

Dropping into Mt Tremor Hourglass Chute.
Milking the mellow pow just because.


The Breakdown

Pow Performance
All-Mountain Railing (for a fat ski)
Sexy Custom Graphics
Backcountry friendly weight

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