Wrangle the Chute – XXXtreme Skiing, Parties and Fun


Now with full video! Wrangle video by Sean Wood.

All photos from Zac Johannesen and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. Helmet cam by Dylan Siggers.


Wrangle the Chute has wrapped up for its 5th year and it has once again proven that it is the most fun big mountain competition ever in existence. Everyone is a winner at Wrangle; some walk away with big cheques while others walk away with hangovers and fond memories. This is a comp for everyone that shreds; men, women, ski snowboard. All are welcome to join in the party.

Day 1 provided awesome snow and mostly bludebird skies. The venue was closed for a week before the event and athletes were only allowed to inspect visually. Since there were a lot of returning athletes, large airs were taken right away. Goldenite Gordon Kerslake was the first to step up to the infamous Treadway Air. This exposed 50fter shoots you onto a 20ft landing that G's out into the choke of a chute. Gord's glory was short lived as a pair of Kootenay pals on boards decided to egg each other off the same cliff. Davis Fultz, after tearing up the dance floor til the wee hours, tossed a three while Chris Shook eeked out a 5…

The stage was set for another display of Wrangle awesomeness. Highlights were many on day one…and two for that matter. Despite considerable wind affect after Day 1, people continued to throw down hard. The usual winning zone of Treadway Air and the Psychos billy goat were hit less that usual. The young guns decided to show off on the lookers left pillows. Either strategically transfering them like Dylan Siggers or just skipping them all in one massive air like Jordy Kidner and Carter MacMillan. Once again, the snowboarders decided to up the ante and spin these large hits. Unfortunately for Seb Grondin and his lofty cork 3, a knee to the head left him unable to ride straight and compete the next day.

As this competition is a two day cumulative score, we saw upsets in all of the categories. Matt Montandon, winner of day 1 got bumbep into 5th after he almost fell of the super exposed Psychos Billy Goat. He was replaced by the flashy turnin' and huge stompin' Carter MacMillan (winning $1000!).

Emily Childs jumped from 4th to 1st (next years Soul 7s) of women's ski, uprooting the one and only Orea Brown-Dahl who skied solid all weekend. Emily took the cake by taking many hits into a technical pillow line and stomping the piss out of the exit. In femmes snowboard Leslie MacKenzie bumped out Lake Louise Champ Michelle Locke with some solid, fast riding and multiple airs and not a bobble to be seen.

A lot of big mountain competitions do not see the same sort of calibre out of the Men's Snowboard and the skiers. For the 3rd year in a row, they were head to head. With lofty spins, huge cliffs, and straightlines out of the Psychos line, these boogie woogie one skiers have earned their spot on our ski hills. The rock solid Jonathan Penfield ($400) threw down huge and spun a nice 3 without ever dragging his butt or hands like most of those pesky boarders. He managed to edge out Chris Shook who threw a massive 5 off of Treadways' and then brought it around to the same lower pillows Emily hit.

Dave Booher took home the hand-carved-by-the-man-himself Crazy George award for being the most rowdy. One upping his previous days cork 7, Dave sent the lower hip/cliff bigger than it has ever been sent, with a cork 9. I don't care that he didn't stick it. Champ.

Taking home the Hugo Stomp award is Kate Targett. Two weeks in a row (Lake Louise BMC) I have witness this lady rattle bones with massive stomps. 

Because skiing is all about fun, we have a McConkey award. Although 'the man' destroyed his plans of repelling down the two biggest cliffs on snowblades, Jesse Montandon still ripped his line with a huge smile, tights, ropes and snowblades. How can you not love him?

As I said earlier, everyone is a winner at Wrangle. Whether it is getting on the podium, destroying the bronco, partaking in the rowdiest mosh pit ever for Shred Kelly or just seshioning a sick venue with tons of friends, this weekend always delivers. 

For me, this event was a huge success. Sixty five competitors all laughed, crashed and skied their way though the weekend. At any given time all the athletes and 200 others were cheering on their friends enjoying beers and burgers and rode a 50 gallon tank dressed link a bronco. The most fun might have even been had the day before the event. Athletes received one extra ticket to just shred the mountain. Bluebird skies and pow were happily destroyed by an excited posse of 30 skiers ripping Kicking Horse a new one. 

Full results here.


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