Ski Season Game On! Oct 2 Pow Turns Whistler


There I was wondering why my ski gear was still in the laundry roomh, despite it being a record breaking hot September and ski season was months away. And then wham! Straight outta lowcash, this apocalyptic pre-winter storm rolled in and hammered most of the Pacific Northwest, leaving well over 100cm of fresh snow in the high alpine!

We all know the golden rule… no fresh powder should go to waste. So we jumped in the car, threw on some hiking boots and ski gear and headed for the hills.

Apparently the 'never waste powder' rule is getting more popular every year, because our October 2nd pow-hunting mission wasn't even close to being the first turns of the season. Groups had been up in late September when the storm clouds first parted, and more groups have headed for Whistler's alpine pretty much daily since then.

But it's not about being first, it's about fresh tracks in early October! Deep fresh tracks.

Motivations were low when we started the day. It was drizzling, we couldn't see snow anywhere, and our 10am kick off was hardly an alpine start.

Fortunately we found this friendly sign to warn us there were rocks and unmarked obstacles ahead. Really. You think?

Soon enough the sweet glorious snow was in sight, and the games began. 

Once we hit snow, it didn't matter how far we had to walk. Because what goes up must come down. And it was getting deeper with every step.

The pit we dug at the bottom of the chute was 120cm deep, just a tease of what the skinning and bootpacking was like ahead.

And then with no more up to go, our 2013/14 winter season had begun, gettin' faceshots, on October 2nd.

Is that a pole tip or are you just happy to see me. Quick glimpse of another group with the same idea. As for that bootpack, um, you're welcome. 😉

And like any good backcountry wander, why go home until it's dark?

Nighty night. Until next time.


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