Shredding Like It's 1982 – Pow 'Staches' at WB Opening Day


Ski season is officially on for anyone in the Whistler region, and signs of an epic La Nina winter are already coming into play. Opening weekend on Whistler Mountain pretty much nailed it on all the indicators of a rad winter to come. Fresh n fluffy pow… check. Bluebird skies… check. Open hiking access to tonnes of fairly-filled-in out-of-bounds terrain… check, and snow in the mustache… check!

You gotta hand it to mother nature this year, to Whistler Blackcomb for opening a week early so we could milk the freshies right after if fell, and to the packs of skiers and boarders who all saw the potential radness waiting for them up on the peak, just an hour's hike away.

The whole scene kept me daydreaming about how rad skiing at Whistler Blackcomb must have been in the 80s! 1982 was the biggest snowfall year in Whistler Blackcomb's history, everyone had mustaches, and there was no peak chair! Only people willing to earn their turns could enjoy one of the best stashes of terrain on the continent, and enjoy it they did. But jumping back to 2010, we got to shred it with fat skis, proper gore-tex, and without ABBA stuck in our heads. Does it get any better? Probably, but we'll have to wait for the rest of this seemingly epic winter to find out just how much better…

Enjoy the video goodness below while I kick back and dry the snow out of my mustache.

Opening Day Videos

Dave Treadway killed it and caught it on video, watch and be jealous.


Doglotion & friends had some early season camera woes, but hey, that's what opening weekend is all about right? Shaking out the cobwebs. We've shaken and stirred, stay tunedf for the real deal comin' for the next few videos.


Another good find from Quentin at Whistler Blackcomb…

And some more video proof from Tourism Whistler.

And Some Powder 'Staches' of a Different Kind…


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