Never Let Fresh Snow Go Unskied


Rule #1 for eager skiers – never let fresh snow go unskied. So when the local Coast Mountains got hit with a nice late September dusting, we felt obligated to go put some turns in it, even if it was a few hours up from anywhere we could drive.

The idea was obvious. I needed to get some new product shots for G3, and everyone likes snowy shots better than office shots, so all I needed was snow. Baaam! It snowed later that week (in September of all months!), followed by two sunny days that were just askin for people to hike up and enjoy it.

Now all I needed was a way to get to the snow. Sent a few txt's to truck owners and Petr Malyjurek was keen as can be. The plan came together; find the closest and easiest access to snow so that we can haul in some extra gear for the product photo/video shoot, then ditch the extra gear and go for a shred.

Did we succeed? Well, we sure as hell didn't find the closest accessible snow, but a few hours of 4×4 driving and hiking with a wack of extra gear finally led us to snow. Not just any snow… fresh snow. With all the old snow still kicking around from last winter, really all you need is a dusting like last week, and wham, you're ready to go.

Looks like it's already snowed since this escapade, so it might just be timei to set our sites higher and go for a proper shred. Who's in?


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  1. J Dogg

    ya that was plan B, did you hit it? woulda been a better call, but with a pile of gear for a work gig, drivign to snow sounded ideal. pipe dream though in the end, ha.

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