Mt James Turner: steep,deep and spiny


It all started 3 weeks ago…Mike Legare and I were up high on lesser Wedge when I spotted this peak to the east. Although it didn't seem that high compared to the surrounding peaks, it had a really sharp ridge running east-west which instantly caught my attention. 

After a few hours in front of the internet machine and looking at maps, it was added to the Must do list. Turns out that there's a 700m north face that is sustained at 50 degrees with some steeper sections. 

Once the snow stopped falling and the skies cleared, we knew it was time. Eric,Mike and I packed our bags for 3 days and left blackcomb in the afternoon. The ski down to billygoat lake was fairly uneventful but the skin up  was quite different.  Spring snow + unwaxed skins = nightmare. Made it to camp at the top of berna glacier as it was getting dark.

Next morning, we woke up an hour late, made our way to the bottom of the face, traversed under a few seracs and started climbing up the face. 

The first bit was extremely deep but soon we traversed into the middle runnel where the sluffs had stripped all the snow which made for quick progress. The very top section was waist deep and extremely steep so we slowed down to a crawl and had to start skiing from below the cornice.

Now, the good stuff!!! Skiing down was epic, the snow was consistently deep all the way down, sluffing hard and fast. We trended right all the way down so we could stay on the spines all the way. 

After a few hours of chilling at camp, we decided to move to wedgemount glacier with the hopes of skiing the north couloir on Wedge the next day. Mother nature had different plans and the winds kept us awake for most of the night so we decided to ski down to the truck. 

All 3 of us agreed that it was tour best line of the season and possibly ever.

Get out there and schred it, it is definitely worth it!!!


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