Doglotion.com Turned 10 And Lived to Tell About It


We came, we saw, we partied. This past weekend Doglotion.com turned 10, and celebrated with a double header TGR movie weekend and after-party at the Longhorn. Here's a patchy timeline of what transpired. (Images by Nadia Samer and Peter Bailey/Longhorn. More party photos on Longhorn's Facebook Page).

Wednesday, 4pm: Hmmmm, oh ya, the Gaper Day video? Better finish editing that.

Thursday, 5pm: Tickets sell-out for both of Friday's showings of Jeremy Jones' FURTHER, and people are scratching their heads wondering why they didn't buy tickets sooner. I mean, we've only been drooling over that trailer video for like a year.

Friday, 7:30pm: We're only part way through the FURTHER premiere and people's eyes are already bulging at the lines Jones and friends are hitting in this film. What else can he have nailed in the last two years? Soon to see.

Friday, 11:00pm: That settles it, the spine shredding Dr Jones has done it again! From Japan to Austria, Alaska to the Norwegian Arctic, Jeremy Jones just NAILS trip after trip of steep powdery spines that we all thought only existed in the Alaskan front country. Even pulling one of these trips off in a lifetime would be a job well done, and Jones pulls them all off in one film project! Without a heli!

Saturday, 10am: About that Gaper Day video, now it's really time to finish it.

Saturday, 5:30pm: 1 hour till doors open, and I the event organizer am in the parking lot, ghetto spray painting Doglotion.com banners for the show… while the Gaper Day DVD renders beside me.

Saturday 7:15pm: There's so many swag items and kick-ass prizes to give away that we start running out of ways to dish them out. A group game of ro-sham-bo goes so sideways that the crowd finally heckles us into giving the brand spankin' new Atomic Blog skis to the only guy in the game who has his $%@t together. Congrats!

Saturday 8:45pm: The sold out 7pm Dream Factory crowd herds their way out of the theatre while 9pm'ers jockey for a seat, and everyone is talking smack about their favourite segments and best skiers of the night. To no-one's surprise, local shred dog Dana Flahr pretty much killed it, as did ex-olympic racer Daron Rhalves, who pretty much just opened a can of whoop-ass on those steep Alaskan spines. He was skiing like the spines were just speed bumps between him and his destination.

Saturday 9:15pm: No ro-sham-bo's this time. 5 skiers in gaper gear are breakdance battling their way to winning a pair of Dana and Sage inspired Atomic Automatic skis. Naturally the chick takes the win. Must've been that wig.

Saturday 11:00pm: The pumped group of skiers are oozing out of the theater and onto the village stroll, the cool ones continuing on to the after party at the Longhorn. The post game show banter starts up, and it's agreed that Dana, Sage and Daron had killer segments, but "what's with the Warren Miller stuff" comes up again and again. TGR definitely deserves kudos for trying something different this year, but seems everyone's thinking this kick-ass flick could have kicked more ass if it didn't have that random narrator guy giving us those Learning Network speaches about Alaska.

Saturday 12:30pm: The Longhorn is bumping, beer is flowing fast thanks to Whistler Brewing and RECCO, and prize hungry gapers are crowding the dance floor for a piece of the action. Chera Barrowman just won the G3 / Doglotion.com 10-year anniversary custom skis by being the first to show up on stage with a ski boot, a Whistler beer, and a pink bra. Congrats!

Sometime Shortly There After: The story is getting much more blurry, but not as blurry as it is for the final two contestants in the battle-royale-musical-shots-contest. Vancouver skier Hugh Patterson lights his final shot on fire and walks away (or dances away) with a free 2-day catskiing trip with Backcountry Snowcats!


A HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out for the films, partied at the Longhorn, or who has contributed to keepin' Doglotion.com alive over the last decade. It's been a wild and fun ride, and we can't wait to see what skiing has in store for us this decade. Bring it.

Big ups to the weekend's local event premiere sponsors: Whistler Blackcomb, Backcountry Snowcats, Mountain Hardwear, Atomic, Whistler Brewing, RECCO, Evolution, Surefoot, Escape Route, O'Neill, The North Face, Whistler Alpine Guides Bureau, Clif Bar, and G3 Genuine Guide Gear.


And a massive shout out to our most loyal website partners…


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