Detailed Avalanche Info for Whistler


An amazing new avy blog has been started up by Wayne Flanne a long time patroller and ex-forecaster for Blackcomb Ski Patrol. On this blog Wayne provides insights, photos, avy pit profiles, resource links, videos and more. I can't describe how amazing this is. I love the Whistler Blackcomb avy forecast and read it almost daily either online or at area boundaries when I'm on the mountain. To have more info and detailed pit info like this is just one more tool and piece of information to keep us safe and get folks interested in learning about avy and mountain safety! I believe more information sharing in the community and especially from the pros who've kept us safe all these years is so vital. The super shredders and freeriders out there should be constantly in a dialogue with the guys in the red coats and even share info back with them.

Oh and props to patroller and gnarler @RyanBougie for sharing this blog with me. It looks like Ryan is helping Wayne with photos and videos like the heli vid of this 3.5 Avy in Corona Bowl. Holy shit!


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