Cats Out Of The Bag – Arcteryx Airbag And Other Goodies


Well the cat is out of the bag, or should we say the AIR is IN the bag. Just like that last double backflip you pulled off, it ain’t real until someone tweets or ‘grams it. So we contained our enthusiasm about Arc’teryx’s top secret new avalanche air bag until someone else spilled the beans for us.

Generally everything Arc’teryx makes kicks ass. I still climb with a Bora 40 backpack I scored at a climbing comp 20 years ago! So it’s cool to see some first glimpses of their new avalanche air bag. Hopefully it doesn’t require skiing around with industrial earmuffs.

UPDATE: Yes it’s out of the bag. More updates today from Outside Online, TGR, and Wildsnow.

Our other favourite spy cam encounter this fall was these little rainbow skittles below. We figure now that it’s sales meeting season, nobody will be sad that this is still live on the internet. Favourite ski boot of all time meets tech fitting? Best thing ever or 10 year’s too late? Time will tell.


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