B!tches, Theft, Avalanches and 20+ Feet of Snow


It’s been one hell of a week for the North American ski community at large. Where oh where to begin? We’re gonna just slam it all into one amazing weekly recap for y’all to enjoy.


Let’s start with the high quality stuff. We have no idea what this is. Well, it’s white chicks in bathing suits shouting ‘nigga’ a lot, but what actually is it?


On a totally different note, heartwarming news out of SLC… during the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, someone ganked a whole truckload of Dynafit’s demo gear! If you only have one (left) leg and are a 27.5 boot size, find the perp and offer him a lowball offer. What the hell else are the thieves going to do with next year’s skis and a bunch of left ski boots from the future? That one won’t be hard to spot on Craigslist.



Tom Oye of Whistler just caught a gnarly avalanche on his helmet cam, and 7+million views later the internet is having a field day with commentary on how much better and knowledgeable everyone else is, even though they weren’t there in person and probably do the same thing regularly without getting caught. Hopefully we all learn something from it, be it avalanche safety protocol or how to keep your opinion to yourself next time. Meanwhile the mainstream media are in love with air bags, the amazing gadget that ‘saved his life’.

And lets not forget the guy who avalanched across a highway in Colorado. There you go, to avalanche is now a verb.

20+  Feet of Snow in California

Pretty much every ski area in Western USA got absolutely puked on this week, and it’s not over yet. California/Nevada had (and are still having) an apocalyptic storm. Most resorts were closed for several days while mountain operation crews literally dug out the chairs, signs, buildings, vehicles, parking lots and so on. Lake Tahoe has had 15 feet of snow since January 1, and other places reported 20+ before the first big storm was even over. Looks like California is going to have a loooooong ski season. Mammoth Mountain has up to 6.5 meters of base up top! Hot damn. Just when we thought it would never snow in California again. Any skier who stills lives there is having the time of their lives, or still shovelling their driveway.



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