Ski Movie Review #1 – Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey is comin' at ya with our ski video reviews for fall 2010, kicking things off with a different kinda film – Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey. Not your average ski porn film, this flick follows Chris Davenport, Stian Hagen, and Andrea Binning on a ski mountaineering trip to the very end of the earth. Their mission was to pioneer a bunch of awesome ski lines on peaks that had been haunting Davenport since he first laid eyes on them the previous year. And they succeeded…

After the flick premiered to stoked crowds in Boulder and Aspen, it was time for us to get our greasy hands on a copy.

So what did we think?

The Highlight

Its a toss up between the GNARLY 'Buttress' line, or the Seal vs. Penguin nature battle. How often do you see that in a ski flick?

The Cons

  • Slow start – they lost us in the airport and intro scenes.
  • Slow pace – slow first half of the film. You need to be chillin' on a comfy couch to enjoy the first half to it's fullest potential
  • Where was the seal clubbing scene! (Just kidding, or are we?)
  • Andn where was T-Pain? I mean, they were On a Boat the whole time!

The Pros

  • Uniqueness – good to see something different for a change
  • Scenery & Exposure – BIG lines and jaw-dropping terrain like nowhere else on the planet. Crazy!
  • The Real Deal – if most ski flicks feel like a dream, this feels like the real deal for sure. You can feel the tension when they get into the gnar, you can feel the hardpack and corn under your feet, and you might even get some stomach dropping action when then top out on the 'Buttress'.
  • Earned Turns – always cool to see a flick without helicopters and sleds. Just 3 skiers and more unskied lines in site than you can imagine.
  • Gnar Factor – something about all their lines ending in ice cliffs above the Antarctic Ocean… down right creepy. Good on them for getting after it.

Want to See It?

If you want in on the action, hit up one of the US Tour Stops, or Order it Online.

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