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After spending god only knows how much on a new pair of kick-ass ski boots, the last thing you want to do is shove any old sock in there and call it a day. I may have lived under a rock, but I used to comb the earth for ski socks that were thin enough to fit my darn feet into my boots yet not some slippery silk piece of nothingness.

Truth be told, I didn’t even really know compression socks existed, until some dude was handing them out of his trench coat at the bar one night.

That dude was Josh from Dissent Labs, and the sock was a Ski ProFit Compression Nano Tour. And it was a backpack not a creepy trench coat, but you get the idea.

First impressions? With a name that long I kinda thought it was going to make me 10 times stronger or blast me into space, so when neither of those things happened I was a little sad.

But then I realized that I’d found a sock just like I described in the opening paragraph. Booyaa! All the fancy dancy other feature benefits like reduced foot and calf fatigue were just a bonus. Can’t say I’m tuned into my body enough to know if my foot is less fatigued, but they’re definitely a good way to avoid touring blisters.

The only downside is that it’s like struggling to get an undersized condom on every morning before you go skiing.

But once you get past that part, you’ve got a super form-fitting sock that stays where it belongs and gets you through a massive day in custom race boots without too much whining.

Thumbs up from me. I’m not going to get too techy. After all, it’s just a sock. Or is it?


The Breakdown

Blister Proofing
Ease Of Getting Them On While Rushing for Freshies

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    • doglotion

      oh ya that part. Ha, minor detail eh? They keep me warm enough if I’m wearing the right boots that let the blood flow to my toes. But one of my pairs of boots like to tease my toes and restrict blood flow to them, you know, cause why not eh? In that case, if I want to speed-up warming my toes up I’ll take the compression socks off when my boots are off, because the tight fit around the toes seems to limit some of that awesome post ski blood flow.

      So in other words if you don’t suck at boot fitting like me, you should be good to go.

  1. DissentLabs

    Ya @doglotion !

    Nailed it. Getting the Ski Pro’s “installed” requires a bit of effort for sure, a reality of the design. There are tricks, though – will post a vid of this asap.

    (Quick hint: put the sock onto your arm first, then pull the full leg portion back, inside-out, until you can see the the heel pocket. Grab the heel area, get your foot all the way in, and go from there. No bunching or trucker mouth necessary – quickest and easiest method for sure).

    See you on the skintrack,


    • doglotion

      Good call thanks. But then I’d loose the super random condom reference in the article 😉
      Worked pretty good today, thanks.

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