Trace Cooke at Wrangle the Chute by Drew Wittstock

2016 WRANGLE THE CHUTE 2* and 4*: Everything You Need To Know


The Big Mountain competition skiing season is up and running and a big part of it this year is the expanded Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ). This series of competitions is made up of multiple events of different value (a * rating) that are all considered at the end of the season when choosing which athletes will make it to the big show, the Freeride World Tour (FWT). Whether you are just a shredding loc-dog or an aspiring pro, you will find an event that meets your needs.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has been a player on the big mountain circuit for nearly a decade. The original crowd and athlete favourite “WRANGLE THE CHUTE (WTC)” was started as a party on the mountain-side that saw skiers and snowboarders slaying lines, hitting booters and enjoying the hill-side vibe with their fellow athletes. Recently, the event changed gears and shifted it’s focus to a premiere event for serious, top-tier riders. Arguably leaving its roots behind.

Well, this year KHMR listened! This year they are unleashing two WRANGLE THE CHUTEs. A 2* FWQ event February 19-21st aimed at good times and rowdy skiing and the prestigious 4* FWQ on March 24-27th.



2*WTC Venue. Suckers area at Kicking Horse Resort

2*WTC Venue. Suckers area at Kicking Horse Resort

The 2* WTC from February 19-21 is an homage to the original event; focusing on rad skiing, fun vibes, big crowds and a lassez-faire attitude. This can be your first event or you can be a seasoned ripper. Historically the top level of skiing and snowboarding in this event is truly top tier (Pehota, Treadway, Ross) but it is inclusive of the little guys and gals as well. The thing about the 2* WTC is people are skiing to prove things to themselves, not to others. Don’t worry though. If you are hoping to climb the ladder to the big leagues, this event still offers points. The winner of each category (mens/womens, ski/board) gets an invite to the 4* WTC. Obviously the 2* WTC will follow its routes back to the pillow-popping-tight-chute-mini-golf playground that is the Suckers area on CPR Ridge, where it all started. Be sure to expect the BBQ, the music, the crowds and the good time vibe. Don’t expect the jump though. RCR still thinks they are unsafe.

REGISTRATION for the 2* WTC is NOW OPEN! Be sure to pre-buy a FWQ license to compete here. Check out the other registration details here.

Check out Dylan Sigger’s video showing the classic WTC which will be reborn as the 2*WTC venue.




4*WTC Venue. Super Bowl by Brad Lorriman

4*WTC Venue. Super Bowl by Brad Lorriman

4*WTC Venue. Truth and Dare

4*WTC Venue. Truth and Dare.

The 4* WTC from March 24-27 is one of four 4* events in the Western Hemisphere and the only 4* event in Canada. A 4* event is the highest valued event in the FWQ and the next step before the ultra exclusive FWT. That said, the 4* WTC is a big deal. The terrain is bigger and careers can be built from winning it. Day one will see skiers and snowboarders sending it in the legendary Super Bowl and all it’s perfect cliffs. Day 2 brings us over to the technical Truth and Dare Chutes with the addition of some legit permanently closed terrain. Last year’s winner, Martin Lentz, who is now on the FWT can vouch for KHMR.

“As far as the venue goes, probably one of the better ones I’ve ever skied. Definitely the best one this year.” – Martin Lentz (FWT Athlete)

Because it’s Wrangle the Chute you know it’s going to be a good time. Sit down on the sun-drenched slopes of Bowl Over, the official unofficial “beverage” gardens, and watch the action across the bowl. The laid back vibe of Kicking Horse shine through and then it’s time for the all out after party, which is why everyone actually shows up. Registration priority goes to pre-selected athletes, pre-qualified athletes from points and then, if spaces allow, registration is opened to the general public.

Stay tuned here for Registration dates. Be sure to watch often and follow KHMR on Facebook to be sure to get a spot. You will need a FWQ license for this event and it can be found here.

Dylan’s videos are so good we thought we would show you the 4* venue through his eyes as well.


Tim Grey from captures the 4* venue in a photo montage from 2015.

The legend of Wrangle the Chute carries on for another year. Whether you are in the crowd or at the starting gate don’t miss either of these events.


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